It is said that everyone is defined from their path. This is ours…

The history of our Greek company has its roots in the 20th century, specifically shortly before 1885, when a small family distillery is created in Piraeus by the Kamaris’ family. During the next decades its base is changed and the distillery is relocated in Patras, at 59 Filopoimenosstr.

All these years the Kamaris’ family creates tradition with products of excellent quality.

In 1914 Ouzo “CAMARI” was awarded by the “Hellenic Agricultural Society“, while in 1937 it won the gold medal round of praise at the Thessaloniki International Fair.

In 1999 Ilias Kamaris is the last one in the family succession line. Spiros D. Koutoulas takes charge as of 1999, and contributes his 20-year experience in the over-a-century-long tradition of the distillery.

So bringing together modern technologies with tradition, we remain faithful to the same traditional recipes…. like before, we have the same love and passion our products and we aim at excellent quality with special taste.

Koutoulas’ Family